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[Scalapack] ask help about how to use scalapack in C/C++ program on MPI

Dear ysk,
Just download the Scalpack installer at - Use the 
--downall  to download and install all the needed libraries.
Do not forget to read the README file :

Scalapack documentation is located at
Also the LAPACK/ScaLAPACK User forum is a very good source of information: 

On Jun 12, 2013, at 2:33 AM, ??? <yueshuzhen@Domain.Removed> wrote: 

   i plan to do eigenvalue   decomposition ,written in C/C++ programming 
language within one MPI communication group. 
   Thankfully,  i found than scalpack maybe helpful. i did some try,  but i 
still don't know how to use it .would you please  tell me how to install and 
how to call the routines in my C code.
    i downloaded and MAKE the BLAS, then point the BLASlib in CBLAS and 
lapack,  make   CBLAS and lapack seperately. then copy the libblas.a and 
liblapack.a to  scalapack directory.
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