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[Scalapack] failing test cases of scalapack


today, we tried to install scalapack and thanks to your efforts of  
making the python installer, I think/hope we are close to success.

However, while the tests of the installation are running we are  
confronted with the following error which we fail to get a grip on.  
The error is the following:

BLACS ERROR 'Illegal grid (2 x 2), #procs=1'
from {-1,-1}, pnum=0, Contxt=-1, on line -1 of file  

Enclosed, you can find our history log and the full scalapack testing log.

The strange thing is that the error seems to complain that mpi has not  
initiated 4 processors, in contrary to the command driving the  
execution (we are guessing that it is linked to 'comm =  
self.config.mpirun+' -np 4 ./'+testing_exe' in the pyton script).

At the moment, we are a bit clueless so any help is appreciated.

thanks in advance,


! Tomas Van Oyen,
! Post Doctoral Researcher,
! Coastal Engineering - Ghent University.
! Technologiepark 904, B-9052  Zwijnaarde (GENT), BELGIUM
! Phone: +32 (0)9 264 55 71
! Fax: +32 (0)9 264 58 37
! Skype: tomasvanoyen
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