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[Scalapack] failing test cases of scalapack

Hi Tomas,
Sorry for the late answer
you need to use the mpirun or mpiexec command. 
The synthax will depend on the MPI that you are using. 
You need to read some documentation about how to use your MPI and especially 
how to specify/start the node where you want to run. 

but the command should be something like: 
mpirun -np 4 /xCbtest

np means number of processors. 

Hope it helps
On Sep 25, 2013, at 12:25 PM, Tomas Van Oyen <Tomas.VanOyen@Domain.Removed> 


today, we tried to install scalapack and thanks to your efforts of making the 
python installer, I think/hope we are close to success.

However, while the tests of the installation are running we are confronted 
with the following error which we fail to get a grip on. The error is the 

BLACS ERROR 'Illegal grid (2 x 2), #procs=1'
from {-1,-1}, pnum=0, Contxt=-1, on line -1 of file 

Enclosed, you can find our history log and the full scalapack testing log.

The strange thing is that the error seems to complain that mpi has not 
initiated 4 processors, in contrary to the command driving the execution (we 
are guessing that it is linked to 'comm = self.config.mpirun+' -np 4 
./'+testing_exe' in the pyton script).

At the moment, we are a bit clueless so any help is appreciated.

thanks in advance,


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