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[Scalapack] Problem building ScaLapack on OSX Mavericks

Hey Umberto (& scaLapack team via cc),

I?ve run into trouble building ScaLapack on OSX Mavericks.

I download ScaLapack 2.0.2 from and:

p-book:Downloads root# cd "scalapack-2.0.2 2"

p-book:scalapack-2.0.2 2 root# pwd
/Users/pi/Downloads/scalapack-2.0.2 2

p-book:scalapack-2.0.2 2 root# make
Makefile:17: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `'.  Stop.

p-book:scalapack-2.0.2 2 root# cp

p-book:scalapack-2.0.2 2 root# make
( cd BLACS; /Applications/ lib )
( cd SRC ; make )
mpicc  -c -DAdd_ -O3 BI_HypBS.c
mpicc  -c -DAdd_ -O3 BI_HypBR.c
mpicc  -c -DAdd_ -O3 BI_IdringBS.c
mpicc  -c -DAdd_ -O3 BI_IdringBR.c
mpif90 -c -O3 pslaed0.f
mpif90 -c -O3 pslaed1.f
mpif90 -c -O3 pslaed2.f
mpif90 -c -O3 pslaed3.f
mpif90 -c -O3 pslaedz.f
mpicc  -c -DAdd_ -O3 pslaiect.c
mpif90 -c -O3 pslamch.f
mpif90 -c -O3 pslared1d.f
mpif90 -c -O3 pslasrt.f
mpif90 -c -O3 psstebz.f
psstebz.f: In function 'psstebz':
psstebz.f:1:0: internal compiler error: in slpeel_update_phi_nodes_for_guard1, 
at tree-vect-loop-manip.c:486

psstebz.f:1:0: internal compiler error: Abort trap: 6
gfortran: internal compiler error: Abort trap: 6 (program f951)
make[1]: *** [psstebz.o] Error 6
make: *** [scalapacklib] Error 2

Googling slpeel_update_phi_nodes_for_guard1, I get a post from only four days 
ago:   so it looks as though someone 
has found a bug in ? gcc???

But the line that fails is mpif90 -c -O3 psstebz.f  so it is the mpif90 
compiler that it is failing.  Maybe this is derived from gcc?   And then it 
says 'gfortran: internal compiler error? ? I?m confused.

- - -


I've been looking for a prebuilt scalapack,  I found a page with several:  

However, it does say on that page:
#       ****
#       NOTE:  The ScaLAPACK archives available here contain
#       ****   all routines needed to run ScaLAPACK applications,
#              with the exception of the BLAS and the BLACS libraries.
And I failed to get BLACS to compile independently when I tried yesterday. So 
it would be much better if I can get the compilation working, then I can get 
two for the price of one so to speak.
Also none of the architectures matches. Intel/Linux is the closest, so I 
downloaded that to have a look. I looked in the, and found a comment:

#  MPI setup; uncomment and tailor to your system if using MPIBLACS
#  Will need to comment out the default native BLACS setup below below
USEMPI        = -DUsingMpiBlacs

So it looks as though there is something called MPIBLACS?  which might have 
been installed when I installed OpenMPI (following the instructions on

Reason I?m asking is: is it possible to get Acousto to use MPIBLACS instead of 
BLACS?   If so it would be one dependency fewer to set up.

- - -

I?m stuck -- What can I do?   Did you encounter this compiler error?


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