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[Scalapack] Scalapack + Mpich2 on OSX 10.8.5

Hi team,

Sorry for mailing you directly; the forum wouldn't let me register, complaining 
that one of the fields I filled out was "marked as spam"...

I'm on OSX 10.8.5. I installed MPICH2 version 3.0.4. Using the CMake method, I 
then tried to install Scalapack. The build goes well, but "make test" always 
hangs at the first test (xCbtest). I tried using the Accelerate framework, and 
also OpenBlas 0.2.8. Both hang.

If I use OpenMPI and OpenBlas, the tests pass, but I get other problems with 
Mumps and IPOPT, which is why I'm giving it a try with MPICH2.

I'm not sure what information I could provide to help diagnose the issue.

Thanks in advance!


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