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[Scalapack] Bugs in integer workspace queries for P{S,D}LAQR1

Dear ScaLAPACK developers,

I have been experimenting with ScaLAPACK's AED implementations and my
drivers were crashing for small problem sizes. I subsequently found and
fixed the problem: P{S,D}LAQR1 is not setting IWORK(1)=3 when the
integer workspace is queries, but it is accessing the first three
entries of IWORK during normal operation.

The reason that this causes crashes for tiny matrices is that large
matrices will result in P{S,D}HSEQR also querying workspaces from
P{S,D}LAQR0, and the integer workspace query will almost certainly be
larger than 3.

You can find my two-line changesets here:

Please let me know if it is better to submit this to the forum instead.


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