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[Scalapack] scalapack installer 1.0.2


I'm running into a few problems with the scalapack installer. I'm trying to
install using intel compilers, downloading and installing blas & lapack as

My first issue is that whilst I run with intel compiler gfortran is
hardcoded into The end result is that ifort flags (in this case
-mp) gets passed to gfortran and the build of lapack fails.
Fixing this by replacing gfortran with ifort allows me to get quite a lot
further but I run into problems when compiling the tests.

The issue is with the flag -nofor_main (which is listed as -nofor-main in
ifort?) which comes from The issue here is that this
eventually gets passed to the c compiler in the scalalack testing, which
causes a further build fail. Particularly the c-compiler is invoked with
the flags CCLOADFLAGS which is set to self.config.ldflags_fc at line 63 of

FCLOADFLAGS  ="""+self.config.ldflags_c+"""
CCLOADFLAGS   = """+self.config.ldflags_fc+"""


FCLOADFLAGS  ="""+self.config.ldflags_fc+"""
CCLOADFLAGS   = """+self.config.ldflags_c+"""

Fixes this problem. (Makes sense)

However then the BLACS testing fails unless I explicitly specify
--mpirun=mpirun which I didn't think should be necessary from what is
listed when running ./ -h.

After this the installation appears to run ok but the testing on PBLAS
seems to take a long time. It's been running "xcpblas1tst" for about 4000
minutes now, so I'm wondering if something isn't quite right there.

Given this got a little hacky I thought I'd send an email in case I'm doing
something wrong, or I need to do something else?


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