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[Scalapack] ScalaPACK: a subroutine for accumulate a scalar into a distr

Dear ScaLAPACK team,

I apologize for the following question, but I could not find the answer 
in the ScalaPACK documentation: is there a subroutine similar to PDELSET 
but, instead of assigning a value, accumulate a value? 

Such subroutine would be useful in the boundary element method in which, 
at least in a conventional formulation, involves the assembly of a dense 
matrix, square and regular. For instance:

sets system matrix A (nel,nel) to zero
do j = 1, nel
  do i = 1, nel
    call pdeladd (amatrix, i, j, desca, aij)
  end do
end do

I attached a file with a proposal based on the PDELSET subroutine.


Jorge D'Elia
CIMEC (UNL-CONICET) Predio CONICET-Santa Fe, Colectora Ruta Nac 168,
Paraje El Pozo, S3000GLN Santa Fe, ARGENTINA,
Tel +54 342 451.15.94/95 ext 1018, fax: +54-342-451.11.69
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