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[Scalapack] ScaLAPACK Installation Issue

Dear Brian,
The ScaLAPACK installer is looking for your BLAS and LAPACK library, you need 
to point to the library file, not the directory, for BLAS and for LAPACK using 
blaslib and lapacklib variables
What was the problem with the ??downall?? I can help with the link
Just let me know

On Nov 13, 2014, at 7:42 PM, Weston, Brian Thomas <weston8@Domain.Removed> 


I am trying to install ScaLAPACK 2.0.2 on my Macbook Pro (OSX) and my 
installation is taking frozen (waiting several hours) on the  ?Running BLACS 
test routines..? stage.  When I ran the I used ??downall", because I 
had trouble linking my BLAS and LAPACK libraries. Before, i did ?python ?lapacklib=DIRECTORY?, where I gave the directory to my installation 
of LAPACK, but ScaLAPACK complained:

Checking if the provided LAPACK (/Users/weston8/INSTALL/lapack-3.5.0) 
contains BLAS
BLAS library is set to /Users/weston8/INSTALL/lapack-3.5.0
Checking if provided BLAS works... 

BLAS: provided BLAS cannot be used! aborting...
error is:
gfortran -o tmpf tmpf.f /Users/weston8/INSTALL/lapack-3.5.0  -lm 
collect2: error: ld terminated with signal 11 [Segmentation fault: 11]
ld: can't map file, errno=22 file '/Users/weston8/INSTALL/lapack-3.5.0' for 
architecture x86_64

In my LAPACK directory is a BLAS directory and I?m not sure why it is 
complaining. But I?m guessing that my BLACS test routine is taking forever 
because I downloaded BLAS through ScaLAPACK. Any help would be appreciated.

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