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[Scalapack] problem compiling scalapack 2.0.2

Dear Irena,
Looks like there is a problem with your BLAS library.
Either your BLAS does not contain the routines or the flags for the link are 
not correct. 
I would strongly suggest to use the ScaLAPACK installer. The installer will 
check which flags is needed and run the ScaLAPACK testing suite.
The ScaLAPACK installer can be downloaded at
Another solution is to use the Intel MKL optimized BLAS library  - this would 
give you much better performance.
Hope it helps

On Jan 19, 2015, at 10:43 AM, Irena Johnson <ijohnson@Domain.Removed> wrote:


I am getting the following error when compiling scalapack-2.0.2 for intel 
11.0.081 with openmpi 1.4.3

mpicc  -c -DAdd_ -O3 -I../SRC -o PB_Cabort.o -DTestingPblas 
mpif90 -O3 -o xspblas1tst psblas1tst.o psblastst.o slamch.o pblastst.o 
PB_Cwarn.o PB_Cabort.o ../../libscalapack.a -llapack -lblas
/usr/pppl/intel/11.0/081/lib/intel64/ warning: warning: feupdateenv 
is not implemented and will always fail
psblas1tst.o: In function `psblas1tstchk_':
psblas1tst.f:(.text+0x50c9): undefined reference to `scopy_'
psblas1tst.f:(.text+0x5a2f): undefined reference to `sswap_'
psblas1tst.f:(.text+0x5c6f): undefined reference to `isamax_'

Please find included.

Thank you,
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