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[Scalapack] Scalapack errorneous output


This is a question regarding implementation of Scalapack on an algorithm that 
currently runs correctly using Lapack.

I have been spending a good amount of time editing this very large code that 
uses multiple LAPACK calls to use corresponding scalapack calls instead. I'm 
making sure the operand arrays are distributed, array descriptors are used 
before every call. However the final output of the Scalapack version of my code 
turned out to be significantly different from the final output of Lapack 
version. So I decided to cross compare the outputs after every Lapack/Scalapack 
call. I do see a slight difference. Is this possible? Has anyone seen this 
issue before, or do you know why this could happen? 

Please, I'm at a dead-end at the moment? :shock: , and any comments/suggestions 
would be greatly helpful!
I just made an account on Lapack User Forums and tried to post this. However it 
was flagged as spam even before I submitted it. I'd be really grateful if you 
can help me with this, or direct me to the right resources.
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