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Dear Maksims,
indeed, ATLAS has some issue passing our BLAS check test - See 
you do not have to use the ScaLAPACK installer with ATLAS to use ScaLAPACK with 
ATLAS after. You can generate your library with the Ref BLAS.
Could you please try the ScaLAPACK installer with the Reference BLAS?
Once it succeeds, go to the build / scalapack / EXAMPLE folder and type make. 
It should generate the examples.
From there, retype the linking sequence with your ALTAS  library instead of Ref 
Blas. If it is working, you can use ScaLAPACK library without any issue.
Note on MacOS X, you can use the accelerate framework (ATLAS for Mac) To link, 
just use: "-framework Accelerate?
Hope it helps
On Jul 28, 2015, at 9:36 AM, Maksims Abalenkovs <m.abalenkovs@Domain.Removed> 

Dear Madam or Sir,

I?m experiencing a problem trying to install ScaLAPACK onto Mac OS X using 
the Python installer script (1.0.2). I?m unable to point the script to my 
ATLAS library located in /opt/local/lib/libatlas.a. Please find an 
installation log and a wrapper bash scrip attached. I would appreciate any 
guidance or help in resolving this issue. Thank you.

Best wishes,

Maksims Abalenkovs ~ m.abalenkovs@Domain.Removed 
The University of Manchester ~ Alan Turing Building 2.117
+44 161 27 50177 ~ Skype: maxim.abalenkov

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