Recuring error with dstev (Lapack & f90 newbie...)

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Recuring error with dstev (Lapack & f90 newbie...)

Postby Schrall » Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:21 am

Hello everybody

As said in the title, I'm new in fortran and lapack as well, so I hope that my question will not be too trivial.
Anyway, I'm banging my head on that particular problem since two days and google was not helpful this time therefore I'm here.
The code which I have problem with is the following (cleaned a bit for readability):
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program hubbard_1D
implicit none
  double precision :: n,mz,U,t
  !real :: y
  integer :: site,Hsize,i,j
  double precision, dimension (:,:), allocatable :: Hamilt,Heigvec
  double precision, dimension (:), allocatable :: Hdiag,Hoffdiag,Heigval
  write (*,*) "********************"
  write (*,*) "* 1D Hubbard Model *"
  write (*,*) "********************"
  write (*,*)
  n = 4.
  mz = 2.
  U = 2.
  t = 1.

!Hamiltonian Matrix creation
  allocate ( Hamilt ( Hsize , Hsize ) )
  allocate ( Hdiag ( Hsize ) )
  allocate ( Hoffdiag ( Hsize - 1 ) )
  do i = 1,Hsize
    do j = 1,Hsize
      if (i == j) then
        Hamilt(i,j) = U*(n+(-1)**i*mz)/2
      else if ((i == j+1) .or. (i == j-1)) then
        Hamilt(i,j) = -t
        Hamilt(i,j) = 0.
      end if
    end do
  end do

  do i = 1,Hsize
    Hdiag(i) = Hamilt(i,i)
  end do
  do i = 1,(Hsize - 1)
    Hoffdiag(i) = Hamilt(i,i+1)
  end do

!Call Lapack routine dstev : eigenvect+eigenval of tridiagonal matrix
  call diatri(Hdiag,Hoffdiag,Heigval,Heigvec,Hsize)
  write (*,*) "Eigenvalue list:",Heigval
  deallocate ( Hamilt )
  deallocate ( Hdiag )
  deallocate ( Hoffdiag )

end program hubbard_1D

!Diagonalization of a real symmetric tridiagonal matrix   !
!input:  a(n)     = diagonal matrix elements              !
!        b(n)     = off-diagonal matrix elements          !
!        n        = size of the matrix                    !
!output: eig(n)   = eigenvalues in ascending order        !
!        vec(n,n) = eigenvectors                          !
!Uses the LAPACK subroutine DSTEV                         !
 subroutine diatri(a,b,eig,vec,n)
 implicit none
 integer :: n,inf
 real(8) :: a(n),b(n),d(n),e(n),eig(n),vec(n,n),work(max(1,2*n-2))
 call dstev('V',n,d,e,vec,n,work,inf)
 end subroutine diatri

As you can see, I stole the subroutine calling dstev on the net, assuming that it will work better that the one I first wrote (not included in the previous lines).
Apparently it is not the problem.

I compiled this code on at least two different machines (mac OSX using -framework vecLib OR direct -llapack - lblas option ; and a small Unix cluster) using two different compilers (g95 or gfortran) and I don't get errors at compilation time.
when I execute the program, I get a segfault. I traced it to the call of dstev and...I'm stuck ! No idea what the problem is !

Any help will be warmly welcomed.


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Re: Recuring error with dstev (Lapack & f90 newbie...)

Postby Schrall » Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:48 pm

Ok, I finally found out the problem.
I simply forgot to allocate Heigvec and Heigval.

Therefore, my apologies for this post unrelated to Lapack.
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