undefined reference (scopy_, sscal_, etc...) in TESTING/LIN

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undefined reference (scopy_, sscal_, etc...) in TESTING/LIN

Postby pmonday » Thu Jun 02, 2011 11:11 am

I am building LAPACK and then ScaLAPACK and am receiving link errors when the test programs are being built.

The compile of the main source code appears to work fine in LAPACK and I get two libraries from it:
lapack_LINUX.a and tmglib_LINUX.a.

Using "nm" on lapack_LINUX.a, it appears that scopy_ is undefined:
[paul.monday@pg7 lapack-3.3.1]$ nm lapack_LINUX.a | grep scopy_
U scopy_

It does not appear in the BLAS library either as far as I can tell.

As the make progresses in LAPACK, it gets to the TESTING/LIN directory and blows up with undefined reference errors, all of the sxxxxx_ functions. A snippet follows. The same problem occurs as I'm building ScaLAPACK. When I attempt to compile the TESTING/EIG directory, the same errors are thrown.

What library are the scopy_ (and other sxxxx_) functions in? I'm using the Intel Parallel Studio compilers (ifort, icc, mpiicc, mpiifort) to do my compiles and started from the INSTALL/make.inc.ifort as the baseline and did not alter any flags.

Here is a small snippet of the errors that get thrown (the rest of LAPACK compile is clean)
Code: Select all
make[2]: Entering directory `/mnt/shared/apps/lapack-3.3.1/TESTING/LIN'
ifort   aladhd.o alaerh.o alaesm.o alahd.o alareq.o alasum.o alasvm.o chkxer.o icopy.o ilaenv.o xlaenv.o xerbla.o slaord.o schkaa.o schkeq.o schkgb.o schkge.o schkgt.o schklq.o schkpb.o schkpo.o schkps.o schkpp.o schkpt.o schkq3.o schkql.o schkqp.o schkqr.o schkrq.o schksp.o schksy.o schktb.o schktp.o schktr.o schktz.o sdrvgt.o sdrvls.o sdrvpb.o sdrvpp.o sdrvpt.o sdrvsp.o serrgt.o serrlq.o serrls.o serrps.o serrql.o serrqp.o serrqr.o serrrq.o serrtr.o serrtz.o sgbt01.o sgbt02.o sgbt05.o sgelqs.o sgeqls.o sgeqrs.o sgerqs.o sget01.o sget02.o sget03.o sget04.o sget06.o sget07.o sgtt01.o sgtt02.o sgtt05.o slaptm.o slarhs.o slatb4.o slatb5.o slattb.o slattp.o slattr.o slavsp.o slavsy.o slqt01.o slqt02.o slqt03.o spbt01.o spbt02.o spbt05.o spot01.o spot02.o spot03.o spot05.o spst01.o sppt01.o sppt02.o sppt03.o sppt05.o sptt01.o sptt02.o sptt05.o sqlt01.o sqlt02.o sqlt03.o sqpt01.o sqrt01.o sqrt01p.o sqrt02.o sqrt03.o sqrt11.o sqrt12.o sqrt13.o sqrt14.o sqrt15.o sqrt16.o sqrt17.o srqt01.o srqt02.o srqt03.o srzt01.o srzt02.o sspt01.o ssyt01.o stbt02.o stbt03.o stbt05.o stbt06.o stpt01.o stpt02.o stpt03.o stpt05.o stpt06.o strt01.o strt02.o strt03.o strt05.o strt06.o stzt01.o stzt02.o sgennd.o serrvx.o sdrvge.o sdrvsy.o serrge.o sdrvgb.o sdrvpo.o serrsy.o serrpo.o \
        ../../tmglib_LINUX.a ../../lapack_LINUX.a   /mnt/shared/apps/BLAS/blas_LINUX.a  -o xlintsts && mv xlintsts ../xlintsts
schkgb.o: In function `schkgb_':
schkgb.f:(.text+0x662): undefined reference to `scopy_'
schkgb.f:(.text+0x97f): undefined reference to `scopy_'
schkgt.o: In function `schkgt_':
schkgt.f:(.text+0x4f1): undefined reference to `scopy_'
schkgt.f:(.text+0x53a): undefined reference to `scopy_'
schkgt.f:(.text+0x564): undefined reference to `scopy_'
schkgt.f:(.text+0x6a7): undefined reference to `sscal_'
schkgt.f:(.text+0x907): undefined reference to `scopy_'
schkgt.f:(.text+0xe28): undefined reference to `sasum_'
schkpb.o: In function `schkpb_':
schkpb.f:(.text+0x2eb): undefined reference to `scopy_'
schkpb.f:(.text+0x345): undefined reference to `scopy_'
schkpb.f:(.text+0x62a): undefined reference to `sswap_'
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Re: undefined reference (scopy_, sscal_, etc...) in TESTING/

Postby pmonday » Thu Jun 02, 2011 1:10 pm

Ugh, I figured this out. The scopy_ and other functions are in BLAS. I recompiled BLAS and the functions appeared.

Now, why they didn't appear in my BLAS library to start with is still a bit of a mystery (I did use gmake by accident instead of make ... not sure if it could have been as simple as that).

Sorry for the noise :)

Paul Monday
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