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Inconsistent build results:Symbols not found for X86_64

PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:43 pm
by FLorenzo
Dear members,

I have an application that uses Lapack and had implemented the use of the following functions: DSBEV, DSBGV, DGBSV, and tried to add the use of the Function DGESV.

However, when I add the lines to use DGESV the compiler gives me the infamous "symbols not found for architecture X86_64" . It works for all the other functions but not for DGESV.

I am building it for OSX and tried either -framework Accelerate or any of the other versions of LAPACK built by apple.

Oddly enough, if I write a simple code to use the DGESV function by itself, it builds and provides the required output.

Your help and input will be most appreciated.

F Lorenzo