?TGSEN use of array SELECT on workspace query may SEGV

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?TGSEN use of array SELECT on workspace query may SEGV

Postby dbakshee » Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:55 am

The following workspace query fails with memory access error:

call ZGGES3(JOBVSL='N', JOBVSR='N', SORT='S', ..., LWORK=-1, ..., BWORK=NULL )

According to documentation, it is not correct to pass BWORK=NULL while SORT='S', ... but this is just a workspace query.
The subroutine passes BWORK down in

call ZTGSEN( IJOB=0, ..., SELECT=BWORK, ..., LWORK=-1, ... )

and that routine causes memory error reading SELECT(K) when it sets M to the dimension of the specified pair of deflating subspaces. Since IJOB=0 and this is workspace query, the computed M is not used anyway, so it would be safe to not refer to SELECT(K) when IJOB=0. Maybe, it would also be good to not refer to SELECT on workspace query, and evaluate LWMIN to N*N ( instead of 2*M*(N-M) ) regardless of IJOB? I would adjust the workspace query (computation of LWMIN and LIWMIN) in ZTGSEN so that it not reference SELECT for IJOB=0.

Also, if ZTGSEN uses SELECT=BWORK for workspace query, then ZGGES3 should initialize BWORK before passing it to ZTGSEN for workspace query.

What do you think about this?
Proposed patch
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Re: ?TGSEN use of array SELECT on workspace query may SEGV

Postby admin » Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:02 pm

Dear Dmitry,
yes indeed, your patch makes sense.
Patch committed in revision 1687 on our SVN Repository
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