LAPACKE interfaces for ?GGSVD3, ?GGSVP3 needs correction

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LAPACKE interfaces for ?GGSVD3, ?GGSVP3 needs correction

Postby zotkevich » Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:25 am

In LAPACKE interfaces for ?GGSVD3, ?GGSVP3 in LWORK query all *_t matrices should be replaced with ones without _t.

Simple example:

Code: Select all
         if( lwork == -1 ) {
-          LAPACK_dggsvd3( &jobu, &jobv, &jobq, &m, &n, &p, k, l, a_t, &lda_t,
-                          b_t, &ldb_t, alpha, beta, u_t, &ldu_t, v_t, &ldv_t,
-                          q_t, &ldq_t, work, &lwork, iwork, &info );
+          LAPACK_dggsvd3( &jobu, &jobv, &jobq, &m, &n, &p, k, l, a, &lda_t,
+                          b, &ldb_t, alpha, beta, u, &ldu_t, v, &ldv_t,
+                          q, &ldq_t, work, &lwork, iwork, &info );
           return (info < 0) ? (info - 1) : info;

Diff with all changes to be implemented is in attach.

Alex Zotkevich, Intel Co.
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Re: LAPACKE interfaces for ?GGSVD3, ?GGSVP3 needs correction

Postby admin » Wed Jun 15, 2016 1:31 am

Thank you Alex.
Correction have been made in revision 1758.
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