Quick return for many functions is absent.

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Quick return for many functions is absent.

Postby zotkevich » Mon Apr 11, 2016 9:34 am

There are a lot functions without quick returns like *LARR*, *LAR1*, *LANEG, *LATM6, *LAEIN and many others.

Sometimes it is right and suitable to not to add quick returns.

But it looks like adding quick returns in at least *LARR* functions would be in place.

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Re: Quick return for many functions is absent.

Postby Julien Langou » Wed Jun 15, 2016 8:52 am

Hi Alex, yes, we could do this. (1) These routines are low level so we could assume users calling these routines to not call the subroutines for N=0, N=1, etc., and handle the quick return by not calling the routine in the first place. (2) I do not think we have some coding guidelines for quick returns so whether there is a quick return or not ended up person dependent. (Which is not a good thing, just trying to explain.) All in all, I think we would gladly accept patches about this, or we can put on the low priority wishlist. If you think this is higher priority, please let it know. Cheers, Julien.
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