CGGES3 [CZ]GELSS: Complex/real mixups

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CGGES3 [CZ]GELSS: Complex/real mixups

Postby nathanw » Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:31 pm

For CGGES3, there is an argument that is complex where a real array is expected.


I changed WORK to RWORK in the second to last argument to CHGEQZ.


For GELSS, there is a DUM dummy argument but it is complex, [CZ]GEBRD expects a real array as 6th argument. I added a "REAL DUMMY(1)" in local arrays, then passed DUMMY for 6th argument of [CZ]GEBRD.
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Re: CGGES3 [CZ]GELSS: Complex/real mixups

Postby Julien Langou » Fri Apr 29, 2016 5:41 pm

Hi Nathan,

Updated LAPACK according to your comments. Thanks! (See r1742 and 1744.)

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