Bugs in PZGESVD on sub-matrix?

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Bugs in PZGESVD on sub-matrix?

Postby Lee Min » Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:44 pm

I am looking for confirmation on some possible bugs with PZGESVD. I am encountering problems when IA,JA /= 1,1

I am trying to use PZGESVD to do an SVD of a rectangular strip of a matrix. It works fine when the strip starts at IA,JA = 1,1. However, when I start the strip elsewhere,1, it dies in PZGEBRD.

First message was that parameter 5 to PZGEBRD is bad. Looking at PZGEBRD, a requirement is that mod(IA,NB) = mod(JA,NB), where NB is the blocking factor. So, I made sure the strip height was set to that that condition would be met.
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