Error message: ** On entry to DGER

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Error message: ** On entry to DGER

Postby Igor » Fri Nov 18, 2005 9:39 am


I am trying to solve a linear system using DGESV-routine. Running the code gives me an error message:

'** On entry to DGER parameter number 9 had an illegal value'

Parameter number 9 is the leading dimension of the matrix.

DGER itself is a part of BLAS, however I have no idea, what could be wrong...

Does anyone has some ideas, what I could check or change?

Thx in advance.
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Re: Error message: ** On entry to DGER

Postby sven » Fri Nov 18, 2005 10:29 am

This alomost certainly means that you are calling DGESV incorrectly. Maybe one of the arrays is incorrectly dimensioned and so other values are getting overwitten.

A correct call to DGESV would not produce any error messages from the BLAS.

Best wishes,

Sven Hammarling.
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