C Code for Some Applications Available

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C Code for Some Applications Available

Postby DavidB » Thu Dec 15, 2005 2:33 pm

I have noticed several requests for “C” code, so I thought I’d let people know about my own efforts in translating several routines--and I am willing to share the results.

I have translated several older routines (LINPACK, EISPACK, etc.) into Visual C++ version 6 programs. I have gone through the code one line at the time, removed “go to” instructions, and hard-coded several variables that the FORTRAN programs pass into functions as parameters. For example, for a specific application, programA might ALWAYS pass parameter1 into a function with the same value, so I eliminated the parameter pass (and sometimes even the additional function call) and hard-coded that variable’s value into the program. The code is in “C” and does not include much of the “++” functionality of “C++”.

Furthermore, once the programs were satisfactorily debugged and tested, many of them have been further translated into Javascript and posted on my website:


Javascript syntax is very similar to “C” syntax, so it is easy to view the code. The utilities that are posted there now illustrate a few specific examples of how the code might be used, but the underlying algorithm is easy to modify for other uses (just change the function being zeroed, maximized, integrated, etc.).

A few other NETLIB programs have been translated into “C” as well, but have not yet been translated into Javascript for posting on the web.

If anybody wants the “C” code for any of the applications posted there, or others, post the request in this forum, or PM me. If I have it, I’ll see about getting it to you.
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