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ZGESV speed

PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 1:12 pm
by d_1999

I've finished writing a subroutine to solve the problem P^i.U^(i-!)+Q^i.U^(i)+S^i.U^(i+!)=0 (where P,Q and S are NxN Dcomplex arrays and U is an N Dcomplex vector and i refers to the current mesh position). My routine makes a lot of usage of ZGESV in order to solve this problem. In one limit P,Q and S are diagonal in which case one call to my subroutine takes approximately 1 minute (for N=101) however in most cases P,Q and S will be tridiagonal and in this case it seems that my subroutine now takes around 33 minutes instead. I was wondering if anyone knew if this is to be expected, and ways to get less of a performance hit in the tridiagonal case? I've included a sample portion of the subroutine below if it helps.

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!Initialise beta
DO i=1,nrows

!Iterate from istrt to max
DO i=istrt+1,nx
   !Load matrices
   !Get alphas
      !Form temporary using BLAS matrix multiplication
      !CALL ZGEMM('N','N',nrows,nrows,nrows,CMPLX(1.d0,0.d0),p_mat,nrows,alpha(:,:,i-1),nrows,CMPLX(0.d0,0.d0),temp,nrows)

      !Update temporary by adding q_mat
      !Update second temporary
      !Solve for alpha(:,:,i) -> Stored in temp2
      CALL ZGESV(nrows,nrows,temp,nrows,ipiv1,temp2,nrows,info)
      !Fill alpha segment
   !Now get Betas
      !Loop over initial conditions
      DO j=1,nrows
         !Form temporary using BLAS matrix multiplication
         !CALL ZGEMV('N',nrows,nrows,1.0,-p_mat,nrows,beta(:,j,i-1),1,0,vec_temp,1)
         !CALL ZGEMM('N','N',nrows,1,nrows,1.0,-p_mat,nrows,beta(:,j,i-1),nrows,0,vec_temp,nrows)

         !Solve for beta(:,j,i) -> Stored in vec_temp
         CALL ZGESV(nrows,1,temp,nrows,ipiv1,vec_temp(:,1),nrows,info)
         !Fill beta segment
      END DO

Re: ZGESV speed

PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 2:56 pm
by admin
[ We had an issue with this thread, below is the answer from lawrence mulholland to this thread posted on 04 Nov 2014 @ 01:47 pm, admin. ]

If your matrices are no worse than tridiagonal then you should really be using ZGTSV
in which each of your NxN matrices are represented by three vectors.

This would not only be much faster but save a lot on storage allowing you to take N
to new heights.