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lapack binaries for windows

PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 6:39 am
by lapreste
We are writing a LGPL C++ library (named nt2) for efficient matrix computations with matlab-like syntax, and we use LAPACK (through our lpp interface) to implement linear algebra.

Everything goes fine under Linux and MacOSX.

We would like to test it under winXP (VC++-8) and we need precompiled LAPACK binaries...

knowing that:

1) We have already found a very old one but that display a warning of illegal value each time a QUERY is issued to know the necessary workspace (first word of WSIZE containing -1) (
2) We would prefer dynamic (not static) linking
3) We donot want to force users to install cygwin to compile LAPACK and ATLAS
4) We do not have any other FORTRAN compiler,

is there a solution ?

thanks a lot