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floating point exception of CTR

PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2006 9:17 pm
by wuwei4444
When I tested the CTR in CTEST,there is a floating point exception as follow:

CTR routines passed the tests of the error exits
forrtl: error (75): floating point exception
0: __FINI_00_remove_gp_range [0x3ff81a6de38]
1: __FINI_00_remove_gp_range [0x3ff81a76e60]
2: __FINI_00_remove_gp_range [0x3ff800d5af0]
3: __FINI_00_remove_gp_range [0x3ffbf782a10]
4: clatrs_ forrtl: error (69): process interrupted (SIGINT)

The input:N=512,NB=5,NX=1.
I think the testing file DLATTR.f may have a bug.
If someone know how to help me I would greatly appreciate it.