collecting the distributed data

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collecting the distributed data

Postby klangfeld » Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:43 am

Dear Boards members,

I want to calculate the eigenvalues of a large matrix using 16 nodes.
I am using PZHEEV as solver and PZELSET to distribute the matrix to the notes.
This all works fine. PZHEEV returns INFO=0.
My question is now how can I efficiently collect the eigenvalues from the nodes?
I tried PDELGET (eiegnvalues are real here) with little success. I can write them
to a file using PDLAWRITE, but that is not useful if post-processing of the eigenvalues is needed.
One could work with MPI_SEND etc using all the details of the processor grid. I hope that
there is a simpler solution for this standard problem..

I googled a lot over the lats couples of days without success.
Any hint would be most welcome.

Thank you in advance.

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