Pdlaprnt Error!

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Pdlaprnt Error!

Postby lietzke » Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:19 pm

Greets everyone,

I am using ScaLapack, compiled myself, along with Lapack, BLACS and BLAS all reference, and all the calls seem to work out well. However, I attempt to output my matrix using PDLAPRNT, and my program seg faults.

Here is my call:
pdlaprnt_( &M, &N, A_distr, &i_one, &i_one, descA_distr, &i_zero, &i_zero, 'L', &NOUT, WORK );

I call pdgeqrf_, pdgemm_, and pdgeadd_ and if I ever put in a call to the prnt command, it will seg fault. I check the INFO flag from the scalapack calls, and its always 0, so not sure whats going on. I even put in calls to cblacs barriers to force sync, but to no avail.
Please help!

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