Q: Pivot vector output in lapack++

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Q: Pivot vector output in lapack++

Postby JoshuaDowner » Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:36 pm


I'm using LAPACK++ to perform an LU factorization. The test matrix that I am using is [8 1 6; 3 5 7; 4 9 2] (in matlab syntax). The factorization that I get with LAPACK++ is the same as what I observe in matlab, which is good. But the pivot vector is a little odd. The pivot vector I get in matlab is [1 3 2], the pivot I get from LAPACK++ is [12884901889 3 2]. So it has the pivoted rows in there, but then there is that big number (which is suggestively 0x300000001 in hex). So can anyone tell me how I should interpret this first element? Is there some sort of initialization I should be doing to the pivot? Any help would be appreciated.

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