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PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 5:27 pm
by panther
Hi all,

I am in need of a routine that can read a very large matrix from an external file and distribute across a processor grid for use with various pblas routines.

Typically this matrix would be too large to store on a single node prior to redistribution so could someone explain:

(1) if the PDLAREAD routine can read from a file and redistribute without constructing the full matrix on a single node prior to redistribution?

(2) which file format is expected for the input matrix i.e. unformatted or formatted file formats?

Thanks in advance,



PostPosted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:42 pm
by ssalha
Hi Tim,

I am wondering if you have found a solution to your query, as I am trying to do the same thing now, trying to read a very large matrix that is
saved into multiple files, trying to read it into multiple matrices. Any hint will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sara.


PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:07 am
by 2linear
Its been a long time since this thread was first open. I was wondering if any of you solved the problem ?