Memory or MPI issue while using PDGBSV

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Memory or MPI issue while using PDGBSV

Postby tikitaki12 » Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:13 pm

Hi all,

I'm writing a program to solve AX=B for a block septadiagonal matrix. To do this, I'm treating the matrix as sparsely banded and am trying to use the ScaLAPACK routine PDGBSV to solve for X. Unfortunately, I noticed some a weird memory issue where the routine seemed be overwriting arrays outside of those given to the routine (though likely adjacent in memory). Nevertheless, it appeared to give the correct answer for X. To investigate this, I tried to write a reduced version of the code that would recreate the problem:

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program SLP_test

  use mpi

  implicit none

  integer :: Ntot, Nbw, INFO
  integer, external :: NUMROC

  real*8, dimension(:,:), allocatable :: A
  real*8, dimension(:), allocatable :: X

  integer :: ictxt
  integer :: myrow, mycol
  integer :: nprow, npcol
  integer :: myid, numprocs
  integer, dimension(7) :: desc_A, desc_X
  integer, dimension(:), allocatable :: IPIV
  real*8, dimension(:), allocatable :: WORK
  integer :: LWORK

  real*8, dimension(:,:), allocatable :: IdKk

  integer :: i, j, q, k, p
  integer, parameter :: Ni = 14, Ll = 1, Mm = 1
  integer ::  Kk, Nb, Npb

  character, parameter :: tab = char(9)

  ! MPI initialization
  CALL BLACS_PINFO(myid, numprocs)

  ! Initialize Size Variables
  ! k stores all (l,m) combos and runs from 1 to Kk
  Kk = (Ll+1)*(2*Mm+1)  ! l runs from 0 to Ll, m runs from 0 to 2*Mm
  ! each block is 3*Kk by 3*Kk (one for each of h, Phi, Psi)
  Nb = 3*Kk

  ! There are Ni+3 blocks in the full matrix, as i runs from -1 to Ni+1
  Ntot = (Ni+3)*Nb

  ! Bandwidth:  1 diagonal block plus 3 off-diagonal blocks
  ! in each direction for each row, less the diagonal element
  ! N.B.:  bandwidth the same for upper and lower
  Nbw = 4*Nb - 1

  ! Number of
  Npb = Ntot/numprocs
  if (mod(Ntot,numprocs)/=0) Npb = Npb+1

  ! Allocate Arrays

  allocate(A(-3*Nbw:Nbw,Npb), STAT = INFO)
  A = 0.d0

  allocate(X(Npb), STAT = INFO)
  X = 0.d0

  allocate(IPIV(Npb), STAT = INFO)
  IPIV = 0

  ! LWORK from ScaLAPACK doc.
  LWORK = (Npb+Nbw)*(Nbw+Nbw) + 6*(Nbw+Nbw)*(Nbw+2*Nbw) + Npb + 2*Nbw + 4*Nbw
  allocate(WORK(LWORK), STAT = INFO)
  WORK = 0.d0

  allocate(IdKk(Kk,Kk), STAT = INFO)
  IdKk = 0.d0

  ! Setup for ScaLAPACK routine

  ! Make block-column distribution for A
  nprow = 1
  npcol = numprocs
  CALL SL_INIT(ictxt, nprow, npcol)

  ! Get this processor's processor grid row and column
  CALL BLACS_GRIDINFO(ictxt,nprow,npcol,myrow,mycol)
  ! If processor isn't used in this grid, then it's finished
  if (myrow==-1) then
  end if
  ! Setup array descriptor for A
  desc_A(1) = 501
  desc_A(2) = ictxt
  desc_A(3) = Ntot
  desc_A(4) = Npb
  desc_A(5) = 0
  desc_A(6) = 4*Nbw+1
  desc_A(7) = 0

  ! Setup array descriptor for X
  desc_X(1) = 502
  desc_X(2) = ictxt
  desc_X(3) = Ntot
  desc_X(4) = Npb
  desc_X(5) = 0
  desc_X(6) = NUMROC(Ntot,Npb,mycol,0,npcol)
  desc_X(7) = 0

  ! Initialize Arrays

  ! Identity Matrix
  do k=1,Kk
     IdKk(k,k) = 1.d0 
  end do

  ! Source
  X(1:desc_X(6)) = 1.d0

  ! Matrix
  A(0,1:desc_X(6)) = 2.d0

  CALL PDGBSV(Ntot,Nbw,Nbw,1,A,1,desc_A,IPIV,X,1,desc_X,WORK,LWORK,INFO)

 do p = 0,numprocs-1

     if (myid==p) then
        do i = 1, desc_X(6)
           write(UNIT=0,'(es13.6)') X(i)
        end do

     end if
     CALL BLACS_BARRIER(ictxt,'A')
  end do


end program SLP_test

When this program is run, instead of the memory overwrite issue, I get some MPI errors followed by a seg fault.

*** An error occurred in MPI_Reduce
[...] *** on communicator MPI_COMM_WORLD
[...] *** MPI_ERR_COMM: invalid communicator
[...] *** MPI_ERRORS_ARE_FATAL (your MPI job will now abort)
mpirun noticed that process rank 1 with PID 9524 on node ... exited on signal 11 (Segmentation fault).

If I declare IPIV() as an array of real*8 instead of integers, the code runs properly. I only found that by accident and I don't know why it would work like that. Maybe the size of IPIV() is too small and declaring it as real*8 gives it the additional memory in needs? I also don't know if the seg fault issue I'm having here is related to the memory overwrite issue I have in my larger code, but I assume it is.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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