[LAPACKE_dgesv problem] no resuls for dynamic arrays

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[LAPACKE_dgesv problem] no resuls for dynamic arrays

Postby aliraeli » Thu Nov 20, 2014 7:09 am

Hello everybody.

I'm working with the LAPCKE_dgesv and i tried lots of different solutions but i've not output vectors with the solution.
I defined my matrix and constants as below:
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   MKL_INT IPIV[nocts];
    MKL_INT nocts1;
    double *Mat;
    double *b;
    Mat=(double *)malloc(sizeof(double)*nocts1*nocts1);
    if(Mat==NULL)printf("bad allocation Mat");
    if(b==NULL)printf("bad allocation b");

and i checked that the memory is contiguos for both Mat and b;
then i put the values calculated from other matrices that i need to preserve (everytime defined with malloc)

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    for(int i=0;i<nocts1;i++){
      for(int j =0; j<nocts1;j++){

i checked that b and Mat received the good values and they are in output identical to Right and Mat.
That's the moment i can try to solve my linear system calling

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INFO=LAPACKE_dgesv(LAPACK_ROW_MAJOR, nocts1, NRHS, Mat, nocts1, IPIV, b, nocts1);

and then? nothing.
INFO changes value to 0, so i can thing the system is solved, Mat changes its values so i can think it worked but b, my foundamental output, it's everytime the same before and after (obviously my matrix is not identical and i tried a small nocts1 examples with mahematica so i know the solution that i expect)

What happens to my solution?

If you can help i appreciate.
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