Question about licensing

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Question about licensing

Postby seneika » Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:29 am

Hi there.

I apologize for the elementary question not strictly related with LAPACK use but I'm new to all this.

I'm developing a software which I intend to release with either GPL version 2 or GPL version 3 license. If I understood it correctly, LAPACK's "modified BSD license" is aka the "3-clause BSD license" and is the one listed here

Now, I don't understand what do I have to do in practice. If I am to alter LAPACK somehow and include it in a project, must I build it as a library with its own 3-clause BSD license and link it to my project? Would it be possible (legal, that is) to include only some of LAPACK's source code files (modified or not ) together with my own project files and make them an integrated part of the project and not a library it uses?

Thank you for any clarifications.
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Re: Question about licensing

Postby admin » Tue Aug 25, 2015 9:55 pm

a COPYING file is in the LAPACK directory with "accurate" information.

The licence is the modified BSD one.

LAPACK is a freely-available software package. It can be included in
commercial software packages (and has been). We only ask that proper
credit be given to the authors. Like all software, it is copyrighted. It
is not trademarked, but we do ask the following: If you modify the source
for these routines we ask that you change the name of the routine and
comment the changes made to the original.

Hope it helps
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