PCELGET -- making my parallel code run extremely slow

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PCELGET -- making my parallel code run extremely slow

Postby ronniepops » Fri Jun 17, 2005 4:47 pm

I am running pcheev and pcheevx scalapack subroutines on a cluster of computers. i distribute my global matrix to the 8 nodes and call the subroutines to perform the eigne decomposition. this works great but when i used pcelget to collect the local matrices back to the master node. this process slows down the program.

i use pcelset to initialize the local matrices and it works fine

i have narrowed down the problem to being with pcelget-- which tremendously slows down the program time by around ten times that of the lapack subroutine.

does anyone know of any other subroutine that i can use to collect back the local matrices from the different nodes to the master node without using pcelget.

Thanks for the help

ronnie pops
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