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How to use LAPACK.dll

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2005 4:45 pm
by scx
Hi there.

I'm trying to use LAPACK.dll under Windows.

I have copied LAPACK.dll and BLAS.dll to windows/system32

My source code looks like this:

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typedef void (*dgeevFUN)(char*, char*, int*, double*,
                        int*, double*, double*, double*,
                        int*, double*, int*,
                        double*, int*, int*);


  hMod = LoadLibrary("LAPACK.dll");
   if(hMod == NULL)
            cout<<"Error loading win32 dll LAPACK.dll"<<endl;
            return 1;
  dgeevfun = (dgeevFUN)GetProcAddress(hMod, "dgees");
  if (dgeevfun == NULL)
    cout << "error: " << GetLastError() <<endl;
    return 1;

when I run my probram I get
error: 127

Which means that dgees is not found in dll library.

All help will be appreciated.