Problem with left eigenvectors returned by ZGEEV

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Problem with left eigenvectors returned by ZGEEV

Postby rhdtlapack » Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:41 pm

Hi all --

I'm finding that the left eigenvectors returned by ZGEEV can be way off the expected values, even for small (and apparently simple) matrices. Consider this 2 x 2 real matrix:

A(1,1) = -1.3258386681093
A(2,1) = 113.7872739924765
A(1,2) = -1.0361073988597
A(2,2) = 3.2366984478923

(I'm aware that ZGEEV is for complex matrices, but it should work with real matrices too, right?)

If I calculate the residual vector

x = vl^T A - w vl^T

where vl is an individual left eigenvector, and lambda the corresponding eigenvalue, then I find that I'm far from the zero vector I expect. Specifically, I find

abs(x) = (21.1352576040521,2.01680117864654)

for both of the left eigenvectors of A.

Pasted below is sample Fortran 95 code (using the F77 bindings provided by LAPACK95) that demonstrates the problem. The residuals of the right eigenvectors are fine, by the way.

Many thanks,


Code: Select all
program test_geev

  use f77_lapack

  implicit none

  integer, parameter :: WP = KIND(0.D0)

  complex(WP) :: A(2,2)
  complex(WP) :: A_(2,2)
  complex(WP) :: W(2)
  complex(WP) :: VL(2,2)
  complex(WP) :: VR(2,2)
  complex(WP) :: WORK(4)
  real(WP)    :: RWORK(4)
  integer     :: info
  integer     :: i

  A(1,1) = -1.3258386681093_WP
  A(2,1) = 113.7872739924765_WP
  A(1,2) = -1.0361073988597_WP
  A(2,2) = 3.2366984478923_WP

  A_ = A

  call ZGEEV('V', 'V', SIZE(A_,1), A_, SIZE(A_, 1), W, &
       VL, SIZE(VL, 1), VR, SIZE(VR, 1), work, SIZE(WORK), RWORK, info)

  print *,'info:',info

  do i = 1,2

     print *,'i:',i

     print *,'abs(left residual vector):',ABS(MATMUL(VL(:,i), A) - W(i)*VL(:,i))
     print *,'abs(right residual vector):',ABS(MATMUL(A, VR(:,i)) - W(i)*VR(:,i))

  end do

end program test_geev
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Re: Problem with left eigenvectors returned by ZGEEV

Postby Julien Langou » Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:43 am

I think you need to complex conjugate the left eigenvector in your operation. This gives:
Code: Select all
x = vl^H A - w vl^H

See for more information.

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