Regarding dense matrices and 1D distribution scheme

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Regarding dense matrices and 1D distribution scheme

Postby anasaltrad » Tue Sep 13, 2011 3:20 am

Hi, I am newbie to ScaLAPACK and I am writing a simple program which will calculate the matrix multiplication on a Linux Cluster. I've read the ScaLAPACK standard and it says that:

The two-dimensional block cyclic distribution scheme is the data layout that is used in the ScaLAPACK library for dense matrix computations.

Does this imply that I cannot use 1D block cyclic distribution scheme for dense matrices? In other words I want to compute C = A*B where A is distributed in row-wise block cyclic, B in column-wise block cyclic, and then call pdgemm_ function. Does such an algorithm comply to ScaLAPACK standard and ScaLAPACK will give the correct answer?

Thanks in advance
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