Problem with pcgeadd

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Problem with pcgeadd

Postby zxin435 » Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:04 am

I'm using a subroutine pcgeadd in PBLAS to compute summation between two global distributed matrices. I write several loops to do this summation. Then I run the program and get the error like this, or the program hangs.

***An error occured in MPI_Recv
***on communicator MPI COMMUNICATOR 8 DUP FROM 7
***MPI_ERR_TRUNCATE:message truncated

forrtl: error(78):process killed(SIGTERM)

What could be the problem? I guess the processes interrupt with each other while going through the loops. But I think ScaLAPACK can handle this issue. Anyone can help me with this problem? Thank you.
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