Lapack 3.4.0 with shared libraries, Lapacke expects USEXBLAS

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Lapack 3.4.0 with shared libraries, Lapacke expects USEXBLAS

Postby marcomaggi » Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:19 am


I am trying to use BLAS, CBLAS, Lapack and Lapacke as shared libraries for a foreign-functions interface. I successfully build and install the shared libraries, but then when loading them using the FFI:

Code: Select all
vicare> (dlopen "/usr/local/lib/")
#<pointer #x08071310>
vicare> (dlopen "/usr/local/lib/")
#<pointer #x08073A28>
vicare> (dlopen "/usr/local/lib/")
#<pointer #x08073DA8>
*vicare> (dlopen "/usr/local/lib/")
vicare> (dlerror)
"/usr/local/lib/ undefined symbol: cgbrfsx_"

the problem appears to be that Lapacke is built including all the object files, in so doing it includes also some object files that should be included only when Lapack is built defining the USEXBLAS makefile library. The Makefile for Lapacke must be fixed for a better user experience.
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Re: Lapack 3.4.0 with shared libraries, Lapacke expects USEX

Postby admin » Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:17 pm

Hi Marco,
yes LAPACKE build needs to be fixed.
XBLAS interface routines needs to be separated and just included if USEXBLAS is set to yes.
For info, LAPACKE contains also interface routines for the tmglib library. So If you use LAPACKE, you will need also tmglib. tmglib is a library built within LAPACK used for testing LAPACK
Thank you for reporting the problem.
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