Enable profiling with gprof

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Enable profiling with gprof

Postby tor_kje » Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:48 pm


I want to be able to use gprof to profile my program
written in fortran90. gprof does however not automatically
profile the lapack routines and after some search I found this:

Q: How can I profile a code, using gprof or xprofiler, and include the calls to LAPACK?
A: You'll need to include the profile-enabled version of LAPACK, namely -llapack_profile which resides in /usr/local/lib

I have not much experience with makefiles so I have failed miserably
in trying to create this library. Is there anyone that can help me with

Also, at the moment I have downloaded the libraries using synaptic package
manager for Ubuntu (which takes lapack 3.4.2 if you choose the right repo).
Do I need to uninstall this before installing through makefiles?

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