using pdsyev(d)

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using pdsyev(d)

Postby jaapkroe » Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:15 am

Hello, I new to scalapack and have some basic questions.

From the example at the website below I am trying to understand how to properly make a call to the PDSYEV/PDSYEVD routine.

I compactified the code a bit and modified it to be a able to use different number of processors as well as larger matrices.
Everything seems fine. The eigenvalues are correct etc. Except, I don't find any speed-up in using a larger number of processors.
So I am wondering if the calculation is done in parallel at all.

Here is my code

Can someone tell if this is actually distributing the matrix?
I expect this to be done by the BLACS calls to set-up the grid.

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