.a files generated but Lapack not installed

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.a files generated but Lapack not installed

Postby rahulmishra » Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:55 am

Dear Sir/madam,
I am trying to install Lapack-3.3.1 on my Linux ubuntu system
I am having gfortran ,f2c, cmake installed in my system.
I have run following instructions

/*In the lapack-3.3.1 directory type:*/
cp make.inc.example make.inc
make blaslib && make /* [make blaslib is you plan to test LAPACK with the
Reference BLAS]*/

as given inlink

after running above instructions following files are created in same directory
liblapack.a, tmglib_LINUX.a, librefblas.a

and in various subfolders some executable files and some .o files are generated

but Lapack still isn't installed
I can neither detect it through

dpkg -s lapack

nor can include it in c programs using
#include "lapack.h"

as given in some online example codes
can you please help me?

Thanks in advance
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Re: .a files generated but Lapack not installed

Postby admin » Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:40 pm

Seems that everything is mixed up...
LAPACK is in Fortran there is no such thing as a lapack.h file.
If you need LAPACK in a C program I would suggest to use the C APIs. see http://www.netlib.org/lapack/#_standard ... for_lapack

To install LAPACK on a linux box just copy or move your liblapack.a and librefblas.a files where you want them.
after to link use
-Lthe path where they are -llapack -lblas

Here you are installing manually the package, so dpkg cannot detect that the package is installed as it did not install it.
You can of course also try to have dpkg install LAPACK.

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