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Usage: cachebench -rwbtsp [-x #] [-m #] [-d #] [-e #]
         -r Read benchmark
         -w Write benchmark
         -b Read/Modify/Write benchmark
         -t Use hand tuned versions of the above
         -s memset() benchmark
         -p memcpy() benchmark
         -x Number of measurements between powers of 2.
         -m Specify the log2(available physical memory)
         -d Number of seconds per iteration
         -e Repeat count per cache size

Datatype used is double, 8 bytes.
Defaults if  tty: -rwbsp -x1 -m24 -d5 -e2
Defaults if file: -b   -x1 -m24 -d5 -e1

The output looks like this:

                        Read Cache Test

C Size          Nanosec         MB/sec          % Chnge
-------         -------         -------         -------
4096            7.396           515.753         1.000
6144            7.594           502.350         1.027
8192            7.731           493.442         1.018
12288           17.578          217.015         2.274

Bug Reports

Bugs should be submitted to the LLCbench Mailing List.


LLCbench was written by Philip J. Mucci of the Innovative Computing Laboratory.


This software is COMPLETELY OPEN SOURCE. If you incorporate any portion of this software, I would appreciate an acknowledgement in the appropriate places. Should you find LLCbench useful, please considering making a contribution in the form of hardware, software or plain old cash.
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