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Matrix Algebra on GPU and Multicore Architectures
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magma_zapplyQ_data Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 magma_zapplyQ_data (magma_int_t threads_num_, magma_int_t n_, magma_int_t ne_, magma_int_t n_gpu_, magma_int_t nb_, magma_int_t Vblksiz_, magmaDoubleComplex *E_, magma_int_t lde_, magmaDoubleComplex *V_, magma_int_t ldv_, magmaDoubleComplex *TAU_, magmaDoubleComplex *T_, magma_int_t ldt_, magmaDoubleComplex *dE_, magma_int_t ldde_)
 ~magma_zapplyQ_data ()

Data Fields

const magma_int_t threads_num
const magma_int_t n
const magma_int_t ne
const magma_int_t n_gpu
const magma_int_t nb
const magma_int_t Vblksiz
magmaDoubleComplex *const E
const magma_int_t lde
magmaDoubleComplex *const V
const magma_int_t ldv
magmaDoubleComplex *const TAU
magmaDoubleComplex *const T
const magma_int_t ldt
magmaDoubleComplex *const dE
const magma_int_t ldde
pthread_barrier_t barrier

Private Member Functions

 magma_zapplyQ_data (magma_zapplyQ_data &data)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

magma_zapplyQ_data::magma_zapplyQ_data ( magma_int_t  threads_num_,
magma_int_t  n_,
magma_int_t  ne_,
magma_int_t  n_gpu_,
magma_int_t  nb_,
magma_int_t  Vblksiz_,
magmaDoubleComplex *  E_,
magma_int_t  lde_,
magmaDoubleComplex *  V_,
magma_int_t  ldv_,
magmaDoubleComplex *  TAU_,
magmaDoubleComplex *  T_,
magma_int_t  ldt_,
magmaDoubleComplex *  dE_,
magma_int_t  ldde_ 

Definition at line 39 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

References barrier, and threads_num.

43  :
44  threads_num(threads_num_),
45  n(n_),
46  ne(ne_),
47  n_gpu(n_gpu_),
48  nb(nb_),
49  Vblksiz(Vblksiz_),
50  E(E_),
51  lde(lde_),
52  V(V_),
53  ldv(ldv_),
54  TAU(TAU_),
55  T(T_),
56  ldt(ldt_),
57  dE(dE_),
58  ldde(ldde_)
59  {
60  magma_int_t count = threads_num;
62  if(threads_num > 1)
63  --count;
65  pthread_barrier_init(&barrier, NULL, count);
66  }
const magma_int_t lde
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:80
const magma_int_t Vblksiz
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:78
const magma_int_t nb
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:77
const magma_int_t ldt
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:85
const magma_int_t ne
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:75
int magma_int_t
Definition: magmablas.h:12
const magma_int_t ldde
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:87
magmaDoubleComplex *const E
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:79
magmaDoubleComplex *const T
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:84
magmaDoubleComplex *const TAU
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:83
const magma_int_t n
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:74
const magma_int_t n_gpu
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:76
magmaDoubleComplex *const V
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:81
pthread_barrier_t barrier
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:88
magmaDoubleComplex *const dE
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:86
const magma_int_t threads_num
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:73
const magma_int_t ldv
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:82
magma_zapplyQ_data::~magma_zapplyQ_data ( )

Definition at line 68 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

References barrier.

69  {
70  pthread_barrier_destroy(&barrier);
71  }
pthread_barrier_t barrier
Definition: zbulge_back.cpp:88
magma_zapplyQ_data::magma_zapplyQ_data ( magma_zapplyQ_data data)

Field Documentation

pthread_barrier_t magma_zapplyQ_data::barrier

Definition at line 88 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

magmaDoubleComplex* const magma_zapplyQ_data::dE

Definition at line 86 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

magmaDoubleComplex* const magma_zapplyQ_data::E

Definition at line 79 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

const magma_int_t magma_zapplyQ_data::ldde

Definition at line 87 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

const magma_int_t magma_zapplyQ_data::lde

Definition at line 80 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

const magma_int_t magma_zapplyQ_data::ldt

Definition at line 85 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

const magma_int_t magma_zapplyQ_data::ldv

Definition at line 82 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

const magma_int_t magma_zapplyQ_data::n

Definition at line 74 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

const magma_int_t magma_zapplyQ_data::n_gpu

Definition at line 76 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

const magma_int_t magma_zapplyQ_data::nb

Definition at line 77 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

const magma_int_t magma_zapplyQ_data::ne

Definition at line 75 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

magmaDoubleComplex* const magma_zapplyQ_data::T

Definition at line 84 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

magmaDoubleComplex* const magma_zapplyQ_data::TAU

Definition at line 83 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

const magma_int_t magma_zapplyQ_data::threads_num

Definition at line 73 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

magmaDoubleComplex* const magma_zapplyQ_data::V

Definition at line 81 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

const magma_int_t magma_zapplyQ_data::Vblksiz

Definition at line 78 of file zbulge_back.cpp.

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