MAGMA  magma-1.4.0
Matrix Algebra on GPU and Multicore Architectures
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magma_cfortran::magmaf_cunmtr Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

subroutine magmaf_cunmtr (side, uplo, trans, m, n, a, lda, tau, c, ldc, work, lwork, info)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 301 of file magma_cfortran.F90.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

subroutine magma_cfortran::magmaf_cunmtr::magmaf_cunmtr ( character  side,
character  uplo,
character  trans,
integer  m,
integer  n,
complex, dimension(*)  a,
integer  lda,
complex, dimension(*)  tau,
complex, dimension(*)  c,
integer  ldc,
complex, dimension(*)  work,
integer  lwork,
integer  info 

Definition at line 301 of file magma_cfortran.F90.

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