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quark_task_s Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for quark_task_s:

Data Fields

pthread_mutex_t task_mutex
void(* function )(Quark *)
volatile task_status status
volatile int num_dependencies
volatile int num_dependencies_remaining
struct dependency_slocality_preserving_dep
unsigned long long taskid
unsigned long long tasklevel
int lock_to_thread
char * task_label
char * task_color
int priority
struct ll_list_node_sptr_to_task_in_sequence
int task_thread_count

Detailed Description

Definition at line 141 of file quark.c.

Field Documentation

icl_list_t* quark_task_s::args_list

Definition at line 147 of file quark.c.

icl_list_t* quark_task_s::dependency_list

Definition at line 148 of file quark.c.

void(* quark_task_s::function)(Quark *)

Definition at line 143 of file quark.c.

struct dependency_s* quark_task_s::locality_preserving_dep

Definition at line 150 of file quark.c.

int quark_task_s::lock_to_thread

Definition at line 153 of file quark.c.

volatile int quark_task_s::num_dependencies

Definition at line 145 of file quark.c.

volatile int quark_task_s::num_dependencies_remaining

Definition at line 146 of file quark.c.

int quark_task_s::priority

Definition at line 156 of file quark.c.

struct ll_list_node_s* quark_task_s::ptr_to_task_in_sequence

Definition at line 158 of file quark.c.

icl_list_t* quark_task_s::scratch_list

Definition at line 149 of file quark.c.

Quark_Sequence* quark_task_s::sequence

Definition at line 157 of file quark.c.

volatile task_status quark_task_s::status

Definition at line 144 of file quark.c.

char* quark_task_s::task_color

Definition at line 155 of file quark.c.

char* quark_task_s::task_label

Definition at line 154 of file quark.c.

pthread_mutex_t quark_task_s::task_mutex

Definition at line 142 of file quark.c.

int quark_task_s::task_thread_count

Definition at line 159 of file quark.c.

unsigned long long quark_task_s::taskid

Definition at line 151 of file quark.c.

unsigned long long quark_task_s::tasklevel

Definition at line 152 of file quark.c.

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