scif error 6 in testing_dsyevd.cpp port to Fortran

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scif error 6 in testing_dsyevd.cpp port to Fortran

Postby Greg C » Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:22 am


I'm trying to port testing_dsyevd.cpp to Fortran 90 and am getting a scif error 6 from within magma_dstedx, which magma_dsyevd calls at line 294.

here is the complete test code

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program greg

   use iso_c_binding
   implicit none
      subroutine turn_magma_on() bind(c,name='magma_init')
      end subroutine turn_magma_on

      subroutine host_allocate(a,b) bind(c,name='magma_malloc_pinned')
         import :: c_ptr
         import :: c_int
         import :: c_double

         type(c_ptr) :: a(*)
         integer(c_int), value :: b

      end subroutine

      subroutine dsyevd(jobz, uplo, ny, a, lda, evals, work, lwork, iwork, liwork, info) bind(c,name='magma_dsyevd')

         import :: c_char
         import :: c_int
         import :: c_ptr
         import :: c_double

         integer(c_int), value    :: jobz
         integer(c_int), value    :: uplo
         integer(c_int), value   :: ny
         real(c_double)          :: a(*)
         integer(c_int), value   :: lda
         real(c_double)            :: evals(*)
         real(c_double)           :: work(*)
         integer(c_int), value   :: lwork
         real(c_double)        :: iwork(*)
         integer(c_int), value   :: liwork
         integer(c_int)       :: info        

      end subroutine dsyevd   
   end interface

   integer :: jobz
   integer :: uplo
   integer :: ny
   real(8), allocatable, target :: a(:)
   integer :: lda
   real(8), allocatable, target :: evals(:)
   !real :: aux_work
   !integer :: aux_iwork
   real(8), allocatable, target :: work(:)
   integer :: lwork
   real(8), allocatable, target :: iwork(:)
   integer :: liwork
   integer :: info

   integer :: queue
   !init stuff
   integer :: ione
        integer :: ISEED(4)
        integer :: n2
        real(8), allocatable, target :: h_A(:)
        integer :: i,j
        real(8) :: z
        real(8) :: inc
        jobz = 302
        uplo = 121
        ny = 4724
        lda = ny
        info = 0
        queue = -66
        ione = 1
        ISEED = (/0,0,0,1/)
        n2 = ny*ny
   call turn_magma_on()
   !Query for workspace sizes
        !call dsyevd(jobz, uplo, ny, c_loc(a), lda, c_loc(evals), c_loc(aux_work),  -1, c_loc(aux_iwork), -1, c_loc(info))
   liwork = 3 + 5*ny
      lwork = 1 + 6*ny + 2*ny*ny
        !regular allocation
        allocate (a(0:(ny*lda)-1), h_A(0:(ny*lda)-1))
        allocate (work(0:lwork-1), iwork(0:liwork-1), evals(0:ny-1))
        !crazy allocation
        call host_allocate(c_loc(h_A), ny*ny*8)
   call host_allocate(c_loc(evals), ny*8)
   call host_allocate(c_loc(a), ny*ny*8)

   call host_allocate(c_loc(work), lwork*8)

   call host_allocate(c_loc(iwork), liwork*4)

   call dlarnv(ione, ISEED, n2, h_A);
   call dlacpy('Full', ny, ny, h_A, ny, a, ny );
   call dsyevd (jobz, uplo, ny, a, lda, evals, work, lwork, iwork, liwork, info)
   write (*,*) 'BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!', info

end program greg

I am using MAGMA 1.1, dsyevd is being compiled with
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icc -mkl -g -traceback -O3 -DHAVE_MIC -DADD_ -Wall -DHAVE_MIC -openmp   -I../include -I../control -c dsyevd.cpp -o dsyevd.o
by the MAGMA make file. my test code is being compiled with
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ifort -mkl -g -traceback -openmp -DHAVE_MIC -c greg_dsyevd.f90

ifort -mkl -g -traceback -openmp -DHAVE_MIC /home/greg/magmamic-1.1.0/testing/libtest.a /home/greg/magmamic-1.1.0/testing/lin/liblapacktest.a  greg_dsyevd.o -o greg_dsyevd -lpthread -L/home/greg/magmamic-1.1.0/lib -lmicmagma -L../lib -lfxdr -lscif -lstdc++ -L/opt/intel/composer_xe_2013_sp1.2.144/mkl/lib/intel64 -L/opt/intel/composer_xe_2013_sp1.2.144/mkl/../compiler/lib/intel64

but I cant get this error to go away, nor can I find any examples of fortran calling MAGMA.

What is wrong with my test case? I think/presume the oproblem is in the iso_c_binding somewhere (maybe passing a value when it should be a reference?) but I have tried various combinations and still get the same error. The origianl testing_dsyevd.cpp works fine when compiled with the make file, so i dont think it's a problem with my build of the lib...
Greg C
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