MAGMA 2.0 beta 3 available

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MAGMA 2.0 beta 3 available

Post by mgates3 » Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:58 pm

MAGMA 2.0 beta 3 is now available.

This release includes a major interface change for all MAGMA BLAS functions; most higher level functions such as magma_zgetrf have not changed their interface. Significant changes:
  • Added queue argument to magmablas routines, and deprecated magmablas{Set,Get}KernelStream. This resolves a thread safety issue with using global magmablas{Set,Get}KernelStream.
  • Fixed bugs related to relying on CUDA NULL stream implicit synchronization.
  • Fixed memory leaks (zunmqr_m, zheevdx_2stage, etc.). Add -DDEBUG_MEMORY option to catch leaks.
  • Fixed geqrf*_gpu bugs for m == nb, n >> m (ex: -N 64,10000); and m >> n, n == nb+i (ex: -N 10000,129)
  • Fixed zunmql2_gpu for rectangular sizes.
  • Fixed zhegvdx_m itype 3.
  • Added zunglq, zungbr, zgeadd2 (which takes both alpha and beta).
MAGMA sparse
  • Added QMR, TFQMR, preconditioned TFQMR
  • Added CGS, preconditioned CGS
  • Added kernel-fused versions for CGS/PCGS QMR, TFQMR/PTFQMR
  • Changed relative stopping criterion to be relative to RHS
  • Fixed bug in complex version of CG
  • Accelerated version of Jacobi-CG
  • Added very efficient IDR
  • Performance tuning for SELLP SpMV
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