dense eigensolvers?

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dense eigensolvers?

Postby erjessup » Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:43 pm

I found an SC15 poster that said all four dense symmetric tridiagonal eigensolvers (QR, divide and conquer, bisection and inverse iteration, and MRRR) were included in MAGMA. When I downloaded 2.0, however, I only saw the D&C driver. What is the actual status of the others?
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Re: dense eigensolvers?

Postby mgates3 » Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:38 am

For the symmetric eigenvalue problem, the complex case (single-complex/double-complex) has a few more solvers than the real case.
zheevd -- divide and conquer
zheevdx -- divide and conquer, expert interface to compute portion of eigenvalues/vectors
zheevr -- MRRR
zheevx -- expert interface to compute portion of eigenvalues/vectors
If request all eval/vec, uses QR iteration (via dsterf or zsteqr).
If request portion of eval/vec, uses bisection and inverse iteration (via dstebz and zstein).

At the moment, the real case (single/double) has only divide and conquer solvers:
dsyevd -- divide and conquer
dsyevdx -- divide and conquer, expert interface

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Reason: correction: heevx uses bisection + inverse iteration
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