MAGMA 2.2 released

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MAGMA 2.2 released

Postby mgates3 » Sun Nov 20, 2016 10:50 pm

MAGMA 2.2.0 is now released. Updates include:

  • Added variable size batched Cholesky factorization magma_[sdcz]potrf_vbatched
  • Added new fixed size batched BLAS routines {hemm, symm, hemv, symv, trmm}_batched
  • Added new variable size batched BLAS routines {hemm, symm, hemv, symv, trmm, trsm}_vbatched
  • Fixed memory leaks in {sy,he}evdx_2stage and getri_outofplace_batched.
  • Fixed bug for small matrices in {symm, hemm}_mgpu and updated tester.
  • Fixed libraries in examples for MKL with gcc.
  • More robust error checking for Batched BLAS routines.

  • Added Incomplete Sparse Approximate Inverse (ISAI) Preconditioner for sparse triangular solves, including batched generation.
  • Added Block-Jacobi triangular solves, including variable blocksize (based on supervariable amalgamation).
  • Added ParILUT, a parallel threshold ILU based on OpenMP.
  • Added CSR5 format and CSR5 SpMV kernel, a sparse matrix vector product often outperforming the cuSPARSE SpMV CSR and HYB.

It can be downloaded from the MAGMA downloads page:
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