MAGMA 1.0.0 zlatrd needs zdotc

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Re: MAGMA 1.0.0 zlatrd needs zdotc

Postby fletchjp » Fri May 18, 2012 3:33 pm

In MAGMA 1.2.0 this problem is now present in zlatrd2.cpp and clatrd2.cpp although fixed in zlatrd.cpp and clatrd.cpp

The fix for GotoBLAS2 is the same.

Thank you to jgpallero who mentioned OpenBLAS which I missed until now.

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Re: MAGMA 1.0.0 zlatrd needs zdotc

Postby mgates3 » Wed May 30, 2012 10:12 am

This has now been fixed in the MAGMA svn and will be in the next release.
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